Chrissa F Hoffmann
International Grand Prix rider and
USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist
Located in Vero Beach, Florida


Horses and Clients

Mireill Sold!
14 yr old Danish mare by Michellino is Chrissa's newest addition. She is owned by Rob and Chris Desino of Wellington Equestrian Realty. Chrissa will plan to show this talented new mare this season at I-2 and by next year will show her in the Grand Prix. Watch out for this talented duo. They won their first I-2 already in Wellington this season!


 9 year old German bred gelding by Fidertanz is Chrissa's newist addition. She has partnered with Johan Ifverson of Sweden.  Together they own the horse, with the hopes of him being Chrissa's next International star! He stands tall, at 17.3, but rides like a little 16.0 sports car! His amazing hindlegs propel him around the ring with effortless and beatiful engaged gaits. He is absolutely eager to learn and perform each and everyday! He loves to work! This horse, never says no, only, yes, yes, yes!  We are so excited about this horse, and Chrissa is forever grateful to Johan, for the opportunity to ride and train Faust. Watch out for this horse, he's one, not to miss! Faust recently won the PSG Developing qualifier in wellington with a 68.9%

9 yr old gelding owned by Chrissa Hoffmann, by Sandro Hit x DeNiro, imported, April 2011. He is a 16.3, red bay Hanoverian. Scrabble is truly one of a kind, in all aspects. He has an outstanding character and loves to please, not spooky and has incredible ground covering gaits! These traits alone will take him far. He takes after both of his parents lineage, which makes him a top candidate for International competition down the road. He expresses a lot of cadence in his trot and has an unbelievable ammount of scope in his canter.  He is a definite eye catcher and one to look for in the future!   In May, only four weeks arriving to the States, Chrissa competed him at the Majestic CDI in First level test 1, winning both days with a 66.7% and a 70.3%, his first horse show ever! Their second show was at the Wellington Classic CDI in Wellington, Florida, Feb 9-11th. The pair did very well! Scored a 65.7% and a 64.5% in Second level and a 63.7% in 3-3. In February of 2013 he showed his very first Fourth level, winning the class with a 65.9%.  In 2014 he competed in his first PSG winning the class with a 70%! He then went on to compete in the Developing horse class (all horses in the country ages 7-9 years old competing Prix St Georges) where he also won in Wellington at the Global Dressage Festival with a 67.9%. He is currently schooling all the Grand Prix.

(Photo taken by Denise Hellmann)





Kalman Kahilie
Owned by Peggy Randolph of Louisville, KY.
"Kali" is a 25 yr old Baden-Wurttenburg gelding who Chrissa found in 
Germany in November 2001. He was trained to PSG-I1 in Germany. Chrissa
trained him to Grand Prix in 2005, earning her USDF Gold medal in three shows! "Kali" was truly the best  Grand Prix  horse. He has expressive gaits, and a natural ability to carry the rider with light, correct contact that made the Grand Prix look effortless!   He is now officially retired, loving his daily turnout and of course, all the treats he wants!



 Clients and Students:

(Kentucky Clients)                                       (Florida Clients)
Peggy Randolph                                             Katie Freeman
Jody Swimmer                                               Peggy Randolph
Janet Sweet                                                  Gwen Kirk 
Geena Sturzebecher                                       Suzy Stafford                                    
Dr Tracey Corey                                             Carla Pasteur DVM
Susan Harris                                                  Dr Jim Bond
Maggie Rataj                                                 Hannah Sue Burnett
Denise Hellmann                                            Sharon Hohenburg
Corrine Bradley                                              Peter Atkins                                   
Megan Northrup                                             Anne Koche                          
Angela Hofstetter (Indiana)                            Ronnie Trotter (SC)
Karri Mcfadden (Lebanon, OH)                        Marcy Hippey (SC)
Mary Troha (Indiana)                                      Dr. Courtney R Varney
Laura Corsentino                                            Jo Lynn Pillsbury
Laura Ovaitt
Allyson Henning- Priddy





Ronnie Trotter, FEI rider and trainer of Charleston, SC.
"Chrissa Hoffmann is a special and talented trainer. You come to a lesson feeling a little ordinary after reading and seeing all of the success and longevity she has had in a very competitive sport. In her lessons she quickly assesses the holes in your riding and takes you from feeling ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of very little time. She is able to do this because of her proven program and training methods that are uncomplicated and easily apply to any horse and rider combination. As an adult amateur with high aspirations, I feel anything is possible with having Chrissa Hoffmann as my trainer."
Ronnie Trotter, FEI rider from Charleston, SC. Ronnie brings his horse Onyx (pictured below) to CFH Dressage every couple of months to train and compete in Florida with Chrissa. Ronnie and Onyx are currently competing 4th level. 

Carla Pasteur DVM is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist of Ocala, Florida.

"Chrissa is a great teacher. She immediately saw the issues my horse and I were having and was able to clearly explain to me how to fix them. Lessons with her are fun and the progress we have made with her help has been exceptional.  She knows what we need to reach our long term goals and is able to break it down into small steps that I can understand. I really enjoy working with her."
-Carla Pasteur DVM CVA CVSMT

Hannah Sue Burnett, US Pan Am Individual Silver Medalist, has three event horses in training at CFH. She has improved her Dressage scores with top placings in just three months! Her testimonial below.

"As an event rider with mostly hot, fit Thoroughbreds, finding a dressage trainer who took their specific needs into consideration has been non-existent until I worked with Chrissa. Her patience, talent and horsemanship has given me hope with my difficult horses and improved my scores, even over a short period of time. I have seen her work with amateurs and aspiring professionals alike and have never been more impressed with another dressage rider and trainer. I love that she can get on any of my horses and improve them immediately while also having a plan for their progression over a longer amount of time."- Hannah Sue Burnett

Karri McFadden- USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist

Hoffmann is insightful, effective and inspiring. She has the ability to quickly get to the root of an issue between a horse and rider and communicate a practical, effective solution.  As a coach, she is tirelessly on the riders side, and has a vested interest in the correct development of each individual. She consistently produces happy, correctly developed horses in her program. Since she has trained such a variety of horses, ranging in breed, shape and temperment, she has solutions to problems that are understandable and practical for the average rider yet provides a more subtle enlightened approach for the advanced rider. Any level of rider, training level through Grand Prix, is lucky to benefit from her uncanny ability to shoot it straight from the back of the horse, or from the ground."

Katie Freeman- USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist
"I can’t say enough good things about Chrissa Hoffmann.  Chrissa is able to get the most out of every horse and rider and has a very clear teaching method.  She is quickly able to figure out the weakness each horse and rider might have and help to develop a solution for the beginner rider all the way to Grand Prix.  I have learned so much in such a short period of time and her enthusiasm for her students is so inspiring.  Her ability to teach all different types of horses lets each horse shine and build confidence.  Ocala is so lucky to have such a wonderful trainer here.  I am so excited to be a part of Team CFH Dressage.  I have also dealt with Chrissa in buying horses for myself and a client and she is the most honest upfront person you could deal with.  The solid foundation she puts on her horses makes it so easy to transition them to their new owners.  Thanks again Chrissa for the wonderful horses and your inspiring lessons!" - Katie Freeman


Kathi Ball- Adult Amateur from Wisconsin
Chrissa, you are a special sort of trainer and were absolutely honest about Ben and it is a wonderful match for both of us.

Ben is the horse I dreamed of as a child and although I was blessed with several wonderful equine partners, Ben is the BEST. I honestly feel as if God took ALL the BEST parts of  the horses I ever loved and packaged then all together in this beautiful, ebony package! I'm hoping to show this summer and will keep you informed of our progress.

THANK YOU, so very much!!!


Melody Welsh- Adult Amateur from Kentucky.

"I began training with Chrissa in 2007, as an adult amateur with very little athletic ability and no knowledge of correct dressage, plus a 16 year old , off-the-track thoroughbred as my first horse, I definitely was a challenge! Chrissa instilled the basics, guided me through the purchase of my current horse and never allowed me to lose sight of my personal goals no matter how many times I felt like giving up. I am now training Third level and feel as if the sky is the limit! Chrissa is the epitome of professionalism, teaches beginners and pros with equal enthusiasm and dedication, rides and trains elegantly and never lets you give up! She gives both horse and rider the building blocks necessary for success, catches poor habits quickly and is a cheerleader for all. As her own goals continue to rise it would be very easy to leave those of us without natural talent behind, but there has never been doubt in my  mind that Chrissa willl be there for me as long as I want to continue down this wonderful, glorious, heart-stopping (but definitely difficult road) called dressage! Thank you Chrissa!" - Melody Welsh


Corrine Bradly- Dressage trainer from KY and owner of Braidpal  

"I have been with Chrissa for 4 years and she has helped me train two horses. The first was an Appendix that was doing so well many people that saw him show thought he was a warmblood.  When I road a 1st level test it felt like he did it himself, that's how well trained he was!   The next horse Clydedale/thoro who just won two gold medals for a student of mine in The Special Olympics. She is now helping me with a Friesian and I enjoy every minute of my lessons!!!"

-Corrine Bradley


 Angela Hofstetter- Adult Amateur from Indiana
"The success of Chrissa's students in the show ring is readily apparent to all 
observers as her clients steadily move up the levels with correct training on a
variety of mounts. Other, perhaps more important successes, go unnoticed.
Chrissa has been very supportive in helping me learn to ride my extremely
sensitive young half Andalusian with confidence. After trying a variety of
methods, I came to understand that classical dressage as practiced by Chrissa
is truly "natural horsemanship" and that forward is the best answer to just
about everything. Tyco and I eagerly anticipate entering the ring in 2008 with
relaxation for both of us. Now she is currently helping me with my FEI mare.
Thanks Chrissa, we could not have done it without you!"
-Angela Hofstetter






























































































































































































Chrissa's Students:













"Chrissa is the quintessential dressage instructor. She quickly breaks down the whole into manageable parts while directing you and your horse to the movement you are striving for.  Quite simply, she will have you and your horse performing to the best of your abilities in each and every lesson.


Becoming a successful teacher of humans and animals requires many skills. The ability to communicate to both the rider and the horse is essential. Chrissa understands both you and your horses learning style. Chrissa has a quiet intensity about her teaching and training. Her instructions are precise, well-timed and accurate.  She gives you the tools to work through your problem areas.


Chrissa is easy to be with and understands that riding is supposed to be fun.  As a child I was told by an old horseman that a horse is either improving or going backwards.  When you ride with Chrissa, you go forward.  It is a privilege to be a student of Chrissa Hoffmann. 


Oh, and horses LOVE Chrissa.  Her beautiful seat and soft, effective hands and sweet (but insistent) personality just get horses to try hard for her.  Every horse I have seen Chrissa get on, from babies to Grand Prix, give her all theyve got.  Everyone just wants to do their best for Chrissa.  She makes it easy for us.  What more could you ask for in a sport that is always seeking the elusive "perfect ride"! 


-Jody Swimmer






"I recently contacted Chrissa for an evaluation of my thoroughbred Grady.  He and I were doing "ok", but I knew I needed help.  I specifically chose Chrissa because I knew she was willing to work with "non traditional" breeds for dressage. Chrissa was so kind and helpful.  She very attentively watched me "warm up", gave me some suggestions, then was willing to get on Grady and work with him.  I was amazed at the change in him just from her being on him one time.  I fell in love with my horse all over again.   I have worked with Chrissa a limited amount of time, but I am very excited at the prospect of her helping me bring this horse along.  She is positive, talented, and it has been a pleasure to work with her. It is obvious that she truly LOVES horses, and has the skill and knowledge to bring both horse and rider to their highest potential."
-Jan Coy
Willow Hill Dressage
Julie Zak Brooks,  3-Day Eventer who recently moved to Kentucky
from Wisconsin.







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